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Foot Massage Slimmer…

Foot Massage Slimmer is an innovative healthcare product that uses advanced heat therapy with negative ions. The users of this slimming swing have described it as an outstanding foot massage product that results in reduced body ache and local fat loss. The Foot Massage Slimmer integrates a soothing and to-the-point therapy with mild acupressure treatment. The slimming device also provides deep, penetrating heat and far-infrared rays into your body, which in-turn gives relief from joint stiffness and improves blood circulation.

Benefits :

Deep, penetrating heat and far-infrared rays

Relieves backache and general body pain

Improves joint mobility and overall metabolism

Reduces inflammation and swelling Reduces local fat that may result in weight loss.

The innovative patented technology from South Korea.

Foot Massage Slimmer

By Sai International.

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